Winstrol Dosage

Winstrol, more often than not, comes in a 50mg dosage.  That is for both injectable and oral steroids.  Winstrol ampules are 1ml, and it also comes in 10-20ml vials.  Winstrol tablets commonly come in either 10mg or 50mg tablets or pills.

Oral Winstrol Dosage

Winstrol dosage

Winstrol Dosage

Pharmaceutical Winstrol tablets used to come in 2mgs tabs.  A common Winstrol cycle would be  14-24mgs every day.  Users would see very good results off a dosage that low.  However, over the years a typical Winstrol dosage in a cycle has increased.  Today, it seems the standard is 50mgs.  Visit any forum, ask any steroid user, and they will recommend 50mgs per day… minimum.  A steroid user can still see very good results off of 25mgs per day, with Winstrol having rather minimal side effects, and in a day of ‘more is better’, users will take 50mgs or even 100mgs daily.  Strangely, a typical dosage of injectable Winstrol has always been 25-50mgs inject every day… which is odd because Winstrol injectable is more effective than the oral version.

Injectable Winstrol Dosage

Because Winstrol is 17 alpha alkylated, injectable Winstrol may be consumed orally, rather than injected daily. However, there are many who will still inject daily, as it is believed to be much more effective, compared to orally.  Whether drinking orally, or injecting a common Winstrol dosage is 50mgs per day.  The problem with injectable Winstrol is that it is often a lot more expensive than Winstrol in pill form.  Typically, a bottom of 100 50mg Winstrol tablets will cost $100-$150, while a liquid 10ml bottle, which is 50mgs per ml, will go for a similar price.  This is yet another reason why athletes and bodybuilders will turn to Winstrol tabs rather than the injectable.

How Many Weeks Can You Take A Winstrol Dosage?

Winstrol is a fairly mild steroid, with very minimal side effects, however, it does take a toll on the kidneys and liver.  It is recommended to not exceed six weeks, mainly to give the liver a rest.  It is also recommend to not drink alcohol while on Winstrol (or any steroid), as alcohol also negatively effects the liver.  Regularly consuming water, and even a liver protection supplement will help minimize side effects on the liver.  Winstrol is a fast acting steroid, and results will come within a week, so more often than not, six weeks of Winstrol is more than enough.

The bottom line is, Winstrol, both orally or injectable, is a very effective steroid.  A typical dosage for both, is 50mgs per day, and it is most common to cycle Winstrol for no longer than six weeks.  After coming off a steroid cycle post cycle therapy is also recommended.